Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hammond: Sky has more details

I'm going to stop writing this stuff up in a moment, before it gets a little too morbidly obsessive.

Jalopnik caught up with Sky's coverage - which in some kind of bizarre irony seems to be scooping the BBC on this story (although he did work for them, too). You can read additional details - including first hand from those on the scene here:

Top Gear man in crash

Glad news from this report suggests that Hammond was able to speak to people in the aftermath of the crash. Sky also has Quentin Wilson commenting on the nature of the show:

'This shows the risks'
Hammond was filming for Top Gear at the time - and the Beeb's car prog has gained some notoriety for increasingly outlandish stunts. Jalopnik [update: they got that off Sky, too] has dredged up details of the vehicle he was driving, too. The Vampire jet-car is apparently capable of 0-272mph in six seconds, and holds the British Land Speed Record at 300.3mph. It's been around for years - I just Googled Imaged it and got something from 1985! I don't mean to create any inappropriate speculation, but I would not be at all surprised to discover that he was attempting to break that record for a segement on the show. The accident is apparently reckoned to have occurred at around 270mph.



Top Gear man in crash @ Sky News

'This shows the risks' @ Sky News

Update! Sky News Reports Top Gear's Richard Hammond Driving Vampire Jet Car At 280 MPH At Time Of Accident @ Jalopnik


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